Senna F1 Onboard Cam Video

Quite frequently, I find myself watching onboard cam race videos of one of my heroes, Ayrton Senna. Senna raced in the mid-80s to early-90s and is considered by many to be the greatest Formula 1 driver in the history of the sport.

The F1 cars that racers like Senna drove in the past were monsters. 1200 horsepower, turbocharged engines, manual gearbox, and speeds in excess of 210 mph, these cars were the definition of pure speed.

There’s something about hearing the screaming engine noise and the grace with which Senna floats around the track that is strangely mesmerizing and even soothing.

Too often, people watch F1 cars from a third-person, disconnected perspective, which I think doesn’t show just how fast these cars were going, and how great these drivers were.

Take a look over the short video below, and I highly recommend the documentary titled Senna. It’s one of my favorite movies this year, and I guarantee that you will find it interesting, race car fan or not.

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