Justice | Audio, Video, Disco.

At last. The long-awaited follow-up album to Justice’s debut success, (Cross). Known for their funky, disco-based approach to electronica, the duo has been selling out shows worldwide and has garnered a huge following since 2007.

Audio, Video, Disco is a worthy follow-up to (Cross), with a slight but noticeable shift in musical style, just enough to keep things fresh while retaining that classic Justice sound. The group has stated that this album incorporates a more “daytime music” sound as opposed to the bass-heavy, funk-inspired production of their debut.

Still, the music is solid, quite enjoyable, and very influenced by 70s arena/prog rock. I’m definitely not complaining. There seems to be more vocals this time around, which is a nice addition and reminds me a bit of MGMT. The beats and bass are still infectiously catchy and heavy, and overall, I actually liked listening through this album more as a whole.

What I like about Justice is that they produce all their music, refraining from using samples that many other DJs/producers tend to do. Their musical talent shows in their production, and I’m looking forward to more music by the group in the near future.

Check out the video for their single “Civilization” below:

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