Everyman Sleep Update Day 1

My first update on my Everyman sleep schedule progress. Yesterday, I woke up around 4:30 AM, having fallen asleep at 1 AM. Took a shower, grabbed an iced latte from the fridge, and proceeded to browse the Internet for about in hour. It was nice – I hadn’t really been able to do so since the summer.

Caught up on my usual blogs and websites, then took care of some emails. After, I got in a good two hours of reading for my competitive strategy class – I read through two chapters, and understood the concepts. The best thing was that there were no distractions to slow down my reading.

My first nap of the day came at 8:30 AM. I slept for about 20 minutes, and was able to pretty easily wake up. Like I said before, I have the 20-minute napping cycles down, so didn’t have too much trouble with that. I worked on my slides for my group project for about an hour before heading out for breakfast with some friends at 10 AM.

The rest of the day was pretty much standard, except I took a nap at 1 PM, and another one at 6:30 PM. The awesome thing about Everyman is that you can delay or take naps early by an hour, something that isn’t possible with Uberman. I definitely appreciated this aspect – it comes in handy because things can always come up that would to force you to adjust.

I was getting pretty tired by 12 AM. I needed to take care of a few things before crashing for the night, so I didn’t go to bed until 1 AM. I set the alarm for 4 AM, but woke up at 5:30 AM. Looks like I need to work more on getting the core nap down – I’m not too concerned, that’s what the adjustment period is for.

Overall, I felt pretty good my first day on the schedule. I was able to do a bunch of things efficiently and effectively, and I didn’t feel super tired because I was periodically refreshed with naps. Now as long as I can get the core nap down to three hours, I should be good to go.

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