Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Guess I’m a bit late to writing/posting about this news, but thought I’d comment on Steve Jobs’ death…and life.

I am far from an Apple fanboy. The only Apple product I owned was an iPhone 1 (still have it, in fact), used to loathe iPods, and never saw the logic behind buying a MacBook Pro.

In all fairness, there’s much to admire about Apple – its top-notch software and hardware, awesome design, marketing machine, always being at the forefront of technology, stock prices, etc. etc.

But what I admired most about Apple was Steve Jobs – his total dedication to the vision he had, and his ability to stick with his beliefs despite external pressure and setbacks. He made an impact, and a good one at that, leaving behind a legacy for the years to come.

That’s definitely one of my goals in life – to make a positive impact in whatever I do, and to do it well enough to inspire others in the process. Tall order, but never hurts to try.

RIP, Steve Jobs.

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