Haircuts and Life

Wanted to share a little story from a couple days back that was a good reminder and a great encouragement.

I was getting a haircut when the hairdresser started making conversation with me. Now normally, I’d rather not talk during a haircut, but this time around, the lady cutting my hair was friendly and was asking about school.

We talked about classes, upcoming midterms, and other school-related stuff. Near the end of the haircut, she commented on how lucky I was to attend Berkeley, have a good family, and get a good shot at a steady job.

The part of the conversation that stuck out to me was when she observed that not everyone is born into conditions like mine. People don’t choose the place and conditions where they’re born. Not everyone is given such good opportunities to succeed.

Later that day, I was in a sour mood because problems had sprung up and I was worrying over them (ha – Glen, worrying?). I like to put on good music for these situations, and while I was listening to some Pink Floyd (excellent music to calm the nerves, by the way), I thought back to my conversation with the hairdresser.

The problems I was worried over were nothing compared to the problems that many people faced in their everyday lives. Here I was, at a wonderful school, with a wonderful family, and had infinite possibilities of success, while some people struggle to get by on a day-to-day basis.

Putting things into this perspective, I honestly could not complain. I immediately felt better, and even though the problems were unresolved, I felt I was able to take them on and figure out solutions.

So the next time things seem to go awry, take a step back and look at the problem in a broader perspective. Compared to the struggles of millions of other people less fortunate than we are, we’re on firm ground.

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