What’s Up | 07/16/11

So I just missed the earthquake by a few minutes, and woke up from a five-hour nap. Yep, no typo here – knocked out as soon as I got home from 99 Ranch and dinner with Jing and Sharlene, despite my “plan” of playing ball after a quick nap.

Oh, well. I guess I’ll blog – feel wide awake at the moment.

It’s been a pretty great week. (For me, as long as the week wasn’t a disaster, I consider it great). Here are some reasons why:

1) Shot the basketball around at the gym for the first time since I jammed my already-jammed finger. Yeah, to not play for a week due to an injury means that the injury had to be bad. Will be returning to the courts next week.

2) Ate out with co-workers and friends pretty much every day this week – for lunch and dinner. Once again, I’m behind on my Food Spotlight posts (although I’m actually perpetually behind on those). I’m finally getting the chance to explore San Francisco and enjoy its wonderful food.

3) Traveled with friends (or by myself ) to places such as the Oakland Zoo, Pier 39, 99 Ranch, etc.

4) Found out about my personality type via Myers-Briggs. I’ve been reading up posts at the ISTP forum, and the more I do, the more I’m sure that I am one – even though I still haven’t taken the test. Like I mentioned before, I’ve never felt more understood in my life. Potential usefulness of looking into personality types: being able to focus on augmenting your strengths, and working on improving your weaknesses. Will be looking into this in more detail in coming weeks.

5) Did very well in my stock simulator game at Investopedia. Finding stocks to be quite interesting and fun – I’m thinking of doing some real investing after the summer.

6) Biked tons. Apart from my usual 5-6 mile jaunt for work, I biked an additional 6 miles on two separate occasions this week, once from my workplace to Pier 45 in SF, and another time from Emeryville to Berkeley after the Harry Potter movie. Which brings me to my final point…

7) Watched a double feature for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Parts 1 and 2) at the Bay Street AMC theater with my floormates from last year. Both parts were pretty good, and quite the ending for an amazing series. Although I wasn’t as emotionally invested in Harry Potter as some of the other folks at the theater, I had a good time still and thought that the films were well-done.

As Rebecca Black put it best, I’m looking forward to the weekend (and the coming weeks). Before I end the post, I’ll share a couple things I’ve been thinking of trying out, either this summer or in the (very) near future.

1) I’d like to get a record player. You know, once of those old-school ones that play LP/vinyl discs. I’ve actually been looking at record players on Amazon for a while, so once the time is right to part with some of my money, I’ll pick one up.

2) I’m also thinking about starting a new blog. I’ll still keep this one, but I want to have a self-hosted WordPress, which will be tougher to set up but give me more freedom in customizing/posting in the long run. It will most likely be a food blog (go figure), and I’ve been researching on good hosting sites. Stay tuned!

So it’s been a wonderful week, and I look forward to finishing the rest of the summer on a good note.

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