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Random Tidbits is back! In this post, I’ll list and describe a random assortment of my favorite things. I might post a few more of these in the future. Here goes.


Bassline: From “Santeria” by Sublime – I just love this bassline. It blows my mind every time I listen to the song. So much emotion, so smooth and soothing. Video here for you adventurous types – only works with decent speakers/headphones. Runner up: From “Electric Relaxation” by A Tribe Called Quest.

Movie critic: Roger Ebert – I always pinch myself when I think about how awesome a job movie critics have. Watch movies all day, and then write about them? Attend exclusive premieres, red carpet events, and meet celebrities? Sign me up! Of course, actually being a good/relevant movie critic isn’t that easy, but Ebert is the best of the best. I love his writing style and his approach to reviews. He always pulls in outside knowledge from his many years and most important, understands film. My hats off to Mr. Ebert – here’s to many more years of great movie reviews.

MotoGP racer: Valentino Rossi – “The Doctor” “Vale” “Rossifumi”, NINE GP World Championships to his name. You know what? All you need to do is watch this video, and tell me he isn’t one of the best of all time. Watch it!

Boba: Lollicup – No contest. Not Ten Ren. Not TapEx. Not even my high school favorite, $1 Drink. Lollicup was the first boba I ever had (back in 2000, 2001?), and it’s still my favorite after all these years. Too sweet for your own good, chewy boba, and that happy sun logo. Good times.

President: FDR – I’m tired of all the haters saying that his policies didn’t make a difference, that it was the war that eventually turned the economy around. While true, he actually did something during a time when others would have been frozen in fear. He soothed millions of Americans in their darkest hours, led them through war, and communicated with them intimately. And he wasn’t afraid to try new things that had a chance for success. I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it at that.

Country visited: Switzerland – One of the most beautiful, peaceful places that I’ve visited. I can still see my fourth-grade self awestruck by the majestic mountains, crystal-clear lake, and Neapolitan ice cream served in a comfy hotel next to the water. Maybe it was the ice cream. Runner up: Tibet.

Video game: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Hundreds of hours of my high school senior year wasted. I take it back. Six prestiges? Red tiger camo? Nah, more like invested. Still my favorite of the CoD series. Runner up: CoD 2.

Fish (pet): Betta fish – I’ve had five. They are the most hardy, low maintenance fish I’ve ever seen. They don’t need a filter, they can survive weeks without food (not that I’ve tried), they can have a water change once a month…or two. My current betta, Ninja, is accompanying me as I type. I’ve had him for about three and a half years now.

That’s it for now. Hmm…I wrote a lot more than I’d thought I would. Maybe I’ll have future posts up.

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