Food Spotlight | Sabuy Sabuy Thai Cuisine

Tons of tasty Thai restaurants tucked in Berkeley street corners. Try saying that three times fast.

Decided to explore the College/Rockridge area a bit more tonight for dinner. Sabuy Sabuy Thai Cuisine (another four-star Yelp restaurant) is located at the end of College Avenue. It was definitely a hole-in-the-wall sort of restaurant, but felt very comfy and clean.

Spurning the usual Pad Thai in an effort to try something new, I picked out their green curry with chicken from the menu. My buddy Ray ordered the Pad See Ew. Oh, and can’t forget the Thai iced tea, either.

The food came out quickly. The green curry didn’t look anything special, but was surprisingly pretty good. I could taste the delicious coconut milk in the curry sauce, and the veggies and chicken were fresh. Along with a generous serving of rice, the dinner left me feeling very full and satisfied.

The portions here are big, definitely worth the prices (average for Berkeley). And of course the Thai iced tea was amazing as usual.

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