Food Spotlight | Buckhorn Grill

Once again, I have fallen behind in my Food Spotlight posts. My desktop is cluttered with pics of food. Hopefully, I’ll get rid of more of them this week.

Anyway, after the movies today, Kim, Ana, and I stopped by Buckhorn Grill at Bay Street Emeryville. The Wednesday special was soup, half a sandwich, and a soda.

They advertised their famous tri-tip sandwich all over the store, so I decided to give that one a shot. Soup was a toss-up between clam chowder and French onion. I chose the latter.

The food was pretty good. The sandwich was amazing. Tender, thin-sliced meat seasoned and marinated between a crispy loaf of bread. I wished I’d ordered the entire sandwich. Or two.

A little pricey for the portions, but understandable because the food was higher quality than typical fast food. Good experience.

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