Food Spotlight | Brickhouse Cafe

Had the chance to try out another restaurant in SF today during lunch. Brickhouse Cafe is famous for its burgers and sandwiches, and serves as the go-to place for baseball fans on their way to the AT&T Park.

The place had interesting decor, a eclectic medley of antique items strung up on the ceilings and a small tree growing from the floor and extending over our table.

I ordered their popular chicken brie sandwich. It was definitely a bit different from the usual chicken sandwich, with grilled white meat, melted brie, pesto mayo, red onions, and apple slices thrown into the mix. The result was a sweet and tangy yet savory assault on the taste buds.

The onions rings were pretty good, as was the cookie dough milkshake. Brickhouse Cafe also offers delicious Wagyu beef burgers from cows that they raise themselves. Not a bad deal at all.

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