Food Spotlight | Little Saigon

Like I’ve said in previous posts, good pho is hard to come by in Berkeley. It tends to be pre-packaged (Pho Me Now), is too expensive (Pho K&K), or has yet to be discovered.

Pho from Little Saigon on University Avenue falls into the third category, and I’m glad I gave the place a try. I ordered their beef pho (with all three types of meat combinations – an additional $1).

While still a far cry from Pho1 (my favorite) or other pho places in SJ and SoCal, Little Saigon held its own. The pho was pretty good, with tender meat, chewy rice noodles, and average broth. The price was right ($6-$7) – my only complaint was that the portions could have been a bit larger.

Other than that, an enjoyable meal and recommended as a good pho place in Berkeley.

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