How To Find Sweet Deals on Craigslist: Part 1

I’m starting a new category called “How To,” because I think it would be cool to share some know-how that’s potentially useful to anyone out there.

In this series, I’m going to go over the basics of using Craigslist. Used correctly, Craigslist is an amazing tool that will help you furnish your apartment, take care of your transportation, or score free stuff.

Before going into the specifics, I’ll share some of my past experiences and the tacit agreement you are making to yourself when you shop on Craigslist.

I’ve bought pretty much all my furniture (bed set, dresser), two bicycles, and I’ve gotten a bunch of free stuff on Craigslist. It’s my belief that saving money where it counts most is the smartest way to save.

When you use Craigslist, you will be buying used stuff. If you’re not okay with that, I suggest you stop reading and save yourself the trouble. However, if you use common sense, you’ll save hundreds of dollars for something in like-new condition.

That’s my favorite part about Craigslist. Modern-day hunting. You put in time scoping out the best bang for the buck, and when you close the deal, not many other experiences come close to that feeling.

Still need some convincing? How about a consistent 50-60% off retail/store prices, for items that are less than a year old? Or the fact that it’s very possible to find an item on Craigslist that’s priced half-off from Craigslist prices?

I’ve done it, and with a little bit of practice and persistence, you can, too. Stay tuned for part two of this series, where I go into the basics of shopping on Craigslist.

Note: This is part 1 of the series. Read part 2 for a Craigslist listing search tutorial and part 3 for how to check out the item and close the deal.

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