My Current Summer Schedule

The following has been my summer schedule the past two weeks, and by the looks of things, will largely be the same (with some slight changes) for the rest of summer:

7:50 AM – Wake up (FS bus means I get an extra 40 minutes of sleep now)

8:14 AM – Catch the FS bus on University and Shattuck

9:00 AM – Internship at OpenDNS in SF

5:30 PM – Catch the FS bus back to Berkeley

6:00 PM – Arrive at Berkeley, eat dinner, watch an episode of Mad Men

7:30 PM – Chill, surf the Web, nap

9:30 PM – Basketball at the RSF

11:30 PM – Listen to music, blog, read, work on ABA stuff

1:50 AM – Call it a night, look forward to the next day

I love the summer. There’s a good amount of things to be done, but it’s still relatively chill. Plus, spending some quality alone-time is never a bad thing. Clears and rejuvenates the mind.

But hey, if you’re in Berk and want to hang out/grab food/make a grocery run, let me know! I’m basically free after 6:00 PM on weekdays, and I seriously can’t play basketball for 2-ish hours every night. My feet will implode and/or explode.

Summer time, doin’ time at

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