Public Transportation, Oh My!

I never thought it possible, but after this post, my blog will have two positive mentions of AC Transit. That’s amazing given I was a self-professed bus hater merely a couple of weeks ago.

I gave glowing reviews for the F bus last week, but thanks to some suggestions from friends (Vincent and Kim), I’ve discovered something even better than the F bus – the FS bus.

The FS bus is basically the quicker and more comfortable version of the F bus. It’s a coach bus, which means that the seats are amazingly comfortable and cushioned. I fell asleep the moment I sat down on the bus today after work. There’s WiFi onboard, lots of space, and the ride is silky smooth.

The best feature is the speed. It is twenty minutes quicker than the F bus, and the time works out so that I get a whopping extra 40 minutes of sleep every morning. Come to think of it, the FS bus is actually as fast as BART in getting to SF.

To prove that Transbay buses are better methods of transportation than BART, I actually had the chance to take BART this morning, because I was running late.

I don’t know why I ever considered BART my primary means of public transportation to SF in the past.

Crowded, smelly, no seating, and loud, BART is drastically different (and a lot more claustrophobic) than the Transbay buses and  the serene views of the Bay.

If you need to commute to SF this summer (and want to save hundreds of dollars on transportation), I seriously recommend that you look up the location of the bus station in SF where the Transbay buses stop, and see if it’s possible to get to your workplace from there. The bus stop for the FS is at Shattuck and University, and at Bancroft and Telegraph for the F bus.

AC Transit for the win at

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