Food Spotlight | Las Brisas

During my family trip to Laguna Beach last Saturday, we decided to try out Justin’s recommendation of Las Brisas for dinner. Right next to the beach, the restaurant overlooks the water and has lots of windows so you’re getting your million-dollar view.

The food was pretty good. Described as a coastal Mexican seafood restaurant, Las Brisas offers a wide variety of food that is not necessarily Mexican nor seafood.

Case in point, my brother and I both ordered steaks. Called La Asada, the dish included “all natural certified Angus New York steak, butterflied and grilled, with a chicken enchilada, beans with cotija cheese and guacamole.” The steak was cooked medium, of course.

Mom and dad ordered boring old seafood, but those dishes looked good, too. Capped it off with a birthday chocolate mousse dessert for my brother.

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