Food Spotlight | Class 302

Now here’s an interesting restaurant business model: take a bunch of old school desks, put up a chalkboard, and serve food in old-school Taiwanese metal lunch containers. Add in actual good Taiwanese lunch menu items and…shaved snow ice – presto! You have a high volume, popular restaurant joint.

Class 302 skillfully balances the old-school Taiwanese classroom decor with food that will attract modern day Asian American teens – and their parents. I ordered the Taiwanese sausage and chicken roll with rice and veggies. Good as it should be.

Janet, Kevin, and I also split two, that’s right, two shaved snow ices – chocolate strawberry and red bean with mochi. I’ve had shaved ice before, but these were quite different. They had the texture of fluffy snow, and looked a bit like whipped cream. Both tasted amazing – the strawberry chocolate reminded me of an ice cream/froyo mix with fresh strawberries, and the red bean with mochi had sweetened condensed milk, my favorite.

All in all, a great experience, with good food, dessert, and atmosphere.

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