What’s Up | 05/30/11

Santana Row: Nice place, nice cars

Hello hello! To start off, summer break is AWESOME. I almost forgot the sheer amazingness of not having to worry about finals, grades, etc. etc. I spent a week after finals just chilling at the apartment in Berk with the roommates.

We did some traveling – going to San Jose to check out Santana Row and the Westfield mall (summer revisited). I had a blast with my ABA mentees (+Jay) at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. And the drive back home with Ray, Jay, Kevin and James was pretty cool.

Brick Toast: Bread + Butter + Lots of chocolate syrup = Goodness

Last week, my roommate Jay, who was visiting from NorCal, stayed at my place, and we hung out with friends from Berkeley (some from NorCal, too) that entire week. Here’s a quick recap of a fun fun week (5/22 – 5/28):

Sunday: Spent the entire morning cleaning out the apartment. Geez, we really need to be cleaning more often – I’m glad we followed through on this one, the apartment’s now spiffy-clean! Left Berkeley in the early afternoon, ate at In N Out, arrived home in the evening.

Claws: Writing with Ketchup

Monday: Jay and I met up with Kevin, James, and Ray at Colima Burger for chili cheese fries, then went to Round 1 at the Puente Hills Mall. Round 1 is a new arcade/bowling alley. Some intense drift battles playing the newest Initial D game. At night, we watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and ate at Guppies (shaved ice and brick toast ftw!)

Tuesday: Jay and I drove to Irvine to visit some buddies. We split up for a few hours and I dropped by Chris’s and Tim’s apartments to catch up on life. It was nice visiting the Irvine campus again, and we even tried the new Berkeley Dog joint at the University Plaza. The hot dogs were just like the ones from Top Dog, only they charged us a dollar more. Lame. That night, Jay and I picked up Felicia and Melody and met up with Evelyn at Claws in Garden Grove. Claws is basically a Boiling Crab with a shorter wait and better shrimp. Green (!) boba at Tastea after.

Food Truck: Purveyor of All Things Tasty

Wednesday: We met up with Janet and Clement at the Cerritos Food Truck Rally for dinner, in celebration of Clement’s birthday and to try some good food. We had a blast, enjoyed the food in the comfort of Janet’s car, and got boba at Dolphin Island. Also re-registered my car, after nearly two years of not being able to drive Baxter. So excited!

Thursday: Had such a fun day at Six Flags Magic Mountain, my favorite theme park, with the SoCal ABA peeps (Daisuke, Justin, Kim, Tiffany, Kevin, Ray, and Jay). If there were any skeptics prior to entering the park, none remained unconvinced after riding coasters such as Goliath, Tatsu, Deja Vu, and Superman. We capped off the day with a stop at Westwood, where we enjoyed sushi at Yamato. More videos up soon!

Joe's Sushi: Heart Attack in 21 Rolls

Friday: All-you-can-eat sushi with Jay, James, and Kent at Joe’s Sushi for lunch. After consuming over 168 pieces of maki sushi (+appetizers and sushi rolls), we took a break at Kent’s house and watched TV/played video games. Originally, we were supposed to play ball, but that obviously didn’t happen, as no one could physically move. After picking up my car from the shop (maintenance and battery charge), I went to church youth group later that night – definitely nice seeing everyone again.

Saturday: Attended Isaac’s high school graduation in Pasadena, congrats on USC! Lunch with Joe and Kristy at Island’s, where I ordered a delicious Maui burger. Post-graduation get-together later that night – played some basketball and watched Salt.

It’s been quite a week. I just checked my weight, and I gained about 6 pounds. Time to start exercising again. I’ll be in SoCal for another week before heading back up to Berk for my summer internship in SF. I’m looking forward to another relaxing week, and I hope I’ll be able to do some more things at home and with family before I head out.

This week reminded me that life is good and that friends make life that much more interesting. I’m glad that summer gives me the opportunity to spend time enjoying a variety of things in life. Sometimes, you learn just as much outside of school as you do in school. Carpe diem.

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