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Finally. After years of hearing others talk about food trucks, I had the chance to actually try one out today. Stopped by Cerritos Food Truck Rally with Jay and met up with Clement (happy birthday) and Janet to spend some cash on good food.

Held every Wednesday at the local Best Buy parking lot, these rallies include nine food trucks serving a wide variety of food, ranging from Greek to Asian tacos to Filipino fusion.

There’s a whole culture built around the food trucks, with families and groups of friends bringing portable folding chairs and even tailgating. Definitely a festive, fair-like atmosphere. An American-style night market.

I decided to try out Calbi Korean BBQ, which serves Asian fusion tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. I’ve heard a lot of things about the Kogi truck, and this seemed like a legitimate alternative.

I ordered a beef taco and spicy pork taco. Both were delicious and surprisingly filling for being so small. I especially liked the spicy pork – it was nicely marinated and very flavorful.

The food truck rally was quite a different experience – I wouldn’t mind going back in the near future to try out some of the other food trucks. They switch up the vendors every week, too.

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