Food Spotlight | Taqueria Castillo

I’m on a roll. My past couple of Food Spotlights have been on restaurants in SF. Found another good one the other day – definitely a keeper.

Taqueria Castillo is on a side street just outside the Powell BART station at Union Square. There are tons of taquerias in NorCal, but this one stood out to me because of two things: the service and the quesadillas.

I stepped into the small restaurant and was greeted by a nice lady at the register. She took my order, gave me a sample of their papaya juice, offered me free chips and salsa, and even brought my food to the table. I was impressed.

But the service couldn’t even compare to the deliciousness of the food I ordered – the Quesadilla Castillito with carne asada, which roughly translates to “little castle quesadilla.” It was unlike any quesadilla I had ever seen and reminded me of a calzone. With lots of good meat. And cheese, tomatoes, and avocados.

I also ordered a cup of horchata to wash down the quesadilla. I’m liking the food at SF.

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