Food Spotlight | The Plant Cafe Organic

Today, I had the chance to stop by SF and try out a restaurant at Pier 3. Called The Plant Cafe Organic, the place couldn’t sound more vegan/organic. It’s tough to do vegan right, especially for a meat lover like me, but I have to say that I’m impressed.

I ordered their signature Plant Burger on sourdough bread. I had no expectations, since I didn’t even know what “plant burger” meant. But the plate that was set before me seemed pretty…appetizing. I took a bite.

It was good. Not in the meaty sense, of course. But it was surprisingly filling and juicy, something I didn’t expect of a veggie patty. I’m not sure what that patty was made of, but it was reddish and looked like a rare-cooked meat patty.

I’m glad I tried something new. I was deciding between this and the Tuscany Chicken panini, and since I was in a more experimental mood, decided to go with the Plant Burger.

Which goes to show that the restaurant also offers meat options. I think it’s pretty cool that they’re committed to serving organic food, too.

Red veggie-meat at

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