Food Spotlight | Southie

I haven’t eaten in the College/Rockridge area in quite some time, so when Sam suggested Southie for dinner, I signed up in a heartbeat.

I had no idea what Southie meant until I looked it up – it’s a nickname for South Boston, and the restaurant’s slogan is “East Coast Mentality West Coast Sensibility.”

I like whatever mentality they had in prepping their food – it was pretty delicious. We split a Truffled Bacon and Poached Egg Salad (frisee, romaine, couscous, radishes, scallions, truffle vinaigrette) for starters, Meatball Sandwich as the main course, and Sarah’s Whoopie Pie (carrot cake with homemade cream cheese ice cream) for dessert.

What a great dinner, and definitely worth the money.

Not north, east, or west at

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