ABA Banquet

Wow. Another ABA Banquet. The more I attend, the more bittersweet they get. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this one that I want to share.

But before I go into it, just wanted to clear something up about my previous post regarding student organizations. I did not intend to offend anyone by talking about campus clubs copying each other. I meant it in the most observatory way, and I did not pass judgment or identify specific groups.

However, I understand that this could have the potential to offend some, and while I stand by my original post, I wanted to apologize, because this blog is for you guys, and I’ll listen to any feedback and I appreciate it when people actively read my blog. I am human after all, and the best thing a person can do is to continually improve.

Back to the post.

I was thinking today about how important student organizations are in shaping a student’s college experience. ABA has definitely shaped mine, and the end-of-semester banquets always remind me to be thankful.

Last night, I had the chance to see the fruits of another semester – the food, the presentations, the gifts, the videos, and most importantly the people.

I loved how each committee had such awesome gift introductions for their chairs and mentors. Which reminds me, thank you again Marketing Committee and Publications Committee for your wonderful gifts. They really mean a lot and will be put to good use, and you can be sure that I read everything you guys wrote!

The food was pretty good, too. I don’t get to eat prime rib often, so it was a treat.

Congrats to those who won Buddy Awards and Cab Awards – we definitely saw their effort throughout the semester, and they deserved it.

And the seniors. Your guys’ music video was too cute. Not only that, it was so inspirational, and made me appreciate ABA that much more and also look forward to my own senior year. I hope that I’ll remain just as close to Alumni in my class. Good luck Tim, Melody, May, Katie, and Joseph as you end college and live out life!

Big props to the Media Tech chairs, Janice and Justin, and the MT kids. You guys are insane. The videos were ridiculously entertaining, and it’s so obvious how much time and effort you guys spent crafting the videos.

Woooo Pubs! The yearbook holds a special place in my heart (Pubs Spring 2010 shoutout!), and this year’s really confirmed that – turned out spectacular, obviously a job well done by the Pubs chairs Karen and Raymond, and the Pubs kids (get it!).

And thanks to Jamie and Karl for planning a great Banquet – the event ran smoothly, and the centerpieces were quite artistic. Loved them.

Last but not least, my Officer group, Eric, Kim, Kevin, and Ana. I can’t say this enough, but you guys are amazing. In the yearbook, I wrote “you guys light up my day, every day,” and I sincerely meant it. We went through so much, and it’s tough imagining next semester without you guys – it just won’t be the same. You guys were more than Officers – you’re my friends, and I know we’ll remain close throughout college and beyond.

Congrats to the committee kids and chairs on a job well done. ABA Spring 2011!

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