Copy Pasta

Something that I’ve been noticing around campus: clubs and student groups like to copy each other.

A couple weeks ago, one student organization used balloons to market their show. It was a pretty big success and definitely raised awareness. As I was walking around campus today, I spotted a bunch of balloons that another club had started to use for marketing their event.

Other examples: Krispy Kreme donuts fundraiser (getting quite sick of this one), Poker Tournaments, and so on and so forth. Once one club does something successful, the other clubs jump on it and copy away.

Not saying that this is bad or passing along judgement. Just writing what I’ve been observing the past few semesters on campus. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be the one setting the trend?

Oh, and from what I’ve been seeing, I predict that student groups partnering with blood/bone marrow/other health-related donor companies and organizations will be the next big thing. Maybe I’ll be right, maybe I’ll be wrong.

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