Food Spotlight | Osha Thai Restaurant

For Dow’s birthday celebration last night, we decided to visit SF and try out Osha Thai Restaurant. I’d heard good things about this place from people I know currently working in SF, so I was pretty eager to see if it would live up to expectations.

Impressions of the place: definitely a bit higher-end than your typical Berkeley Thai restaurant. Very modernist decor, with attentive waiters and lots of very happy/successful-looking people eating in the dimly-lit but very attractive interior.

For one reason or another, I always splurge when I’m at a nicer restaurant. My justification is that since I’m already going to be spending some money for good food, why not go all out and get the tastiest, most satisfying dish on the menu? Not having eaten all day was probably another legitimate reason.

The Volcanic Beef definitely fit the bill. And wow, was it a gustatory overload. Amazingly tender, nicely seasoned, and the “volcano” sauce was actually spicy. Definitely money well spent. Oh, and the calamari and Thai iced tea weren’t too bad, either.

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