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I’ve never done an official Food Spotlight on Colima Burger! I can’t believe it! My all-time favorite fast food joint, and I’ve never done a Food Spotlight! Granted, I have written about it plenty – check out this open letter to their chili cheese fries as one of many previous posts.

That’s right. If Bach could write a whole cantata on coffee because he loved it so much, then I can write what I want about Colima Burger’s chili cheese fries. Don’t judge!

But seriously, some of the best fast food you’ll ever taste this side of the Sierra Nevada. The place itself isn’t the classiest of places, but then again, this is a mom-and-pop shop that serves good food, and good food is what you’re looking for when you visit Colima Burger.

And thanks to Jonathan Mo, I’ve discovered a new variant to my favorite order. I present to you…the carne asada chili cheese fries with onions. It’s like your taste buds opened a portal to amazingness. What an awesome meal. Try it – I guarantee you’ll love it (but be forewarned, it’s not for the faint of heart…or stomach).

Colima Burger definitely holds a special place in my heart, a place where I could pig out, enjoy food, hang out with friends, and forget about worries in life.

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