Rebecca Black – Friday, as performed by Bob Dylan

“Who the hell is Rebecca Black? Did she do a cover of this song?” – mrtheblr

Because it’s Friday, here’s a little treat for you guys from a living legend. The original is way better than Black’s cover. 😉

Sometimes, you just have to love the trolls on YouTube. Reading the comments after hearing the song made me laugh so much. Some of them are so good, that I’ve spent a good chunk of my time compiling them for your enjoyment. So enjoy!

“Sublime. A shockingly-true tale of Stalin’s emotional unrest during his famous rise to power. Coping with a hatred for the German Nazi Party and a thirst for power, his attitude was one accompanied by frustration and rage. This song shares the path of light which Stalin traveled to bring his life, his mind, and his country, to salvation, through the saving graces of better healthcare, greater infrastructure, and general happiness (cereal, choice of seating, and “Fun, fun, fun” respectively).” – thiswebsiteisthebest

“Deceptively-simplistic genius. Even as a young folk singer, Bob Dylan had the forethought and grace to predict which direction the tides would flow in a world becoming increasingly-controlled by corporations. The lyrics “fun, fun, fun, lookin’ forward to the weekend” were a savage indictment against a government that strived to control the everyman’s working-week and end it on Friday instead of Saturday, or Sunday which came after Saturday. If only the rest of us could take a page from him.” – spankrod

“I heard this song for the first time before the March on Washington. It was a very strange time, and everything felt like it was going in slow motion. Then this song came on, and it happened to be a Friday. This song reminded us that change will come, and that yesterday was Thursday. The days will keep changing, and soon we will be at Sunday. Cause that comes afterward. Hard times then..but always good to look back and remember. Thank you for this post.” – VeronicaKanya

“‘Kicking in the front seat, sitting in the back seat, gotta make my mind up, which seat can I take?’ A master of metaphor, Dylan was referring to the choice faced by many young adults during the political and social upheaval of late 60’s: whether to conform to the increasingly authoritarian system of police oppression (ie, the front seat of the squad car) or to fight for change and join the mounting opposition, risking persecution (ie, the back seat of the squad car). A timeless classic.” – VHandtheAC

“Dylan’s prophetic elegy to the youth of the 60s has never been more relevant than today. Stark and uncompromising, it effortlessly blends metaphors of thoughtless hedonism – ‘looking forward to the weekend’ with the bitter counterpart of the reality of being sent into war ‘gotta get down…partying, partying, yeah’ he sings as apocalyptic visions of napalm swirl. While the irony is biting, after the tragedy of Friday follows redemption as ‘Sunday comes after…wards’ in the luminous climax.” – magicwheel1

“What does Dylan mean by Friday? The endless void stretching ahead of us; the broken American dream? Perhaps the dark abyss of death? Are we really looking forward to ‘the weekend’, or is it that all we have ever known is ending and so we look ahead, because we cannot look behind.” – cheesesandwich555

Gotta love the YouTube community.

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