Thoughts on Careers and Money

The other day, I had the opportunity to talk to some people who are currently working in different business industries. Apart from the typical facts and figures of getting into the industries, there was a surprising trend I noticed that I haven’t really seen while in school.

This trend was the emphasis of work enjoyment over money. These people really made it a point to convince me that pursuing a career I would really enjoy was ultimately more rewarding than one that only paid well.

Funny, huh? As an undergrad, I’ve heard so much about going into business for the money. You know, the whole make-as-much-cash-as-you-can, pick-an-industry-because-it-pays-better mentality.

And then these people tell me not to go into a job for the money. Especially if it’s one that I’m not passionate about or  even dislike.

And it makes total sense when I really think about it. Sure, there’s the whole argument of slugging it out for a few miserable years and making enough money to make the rest enjoyable. But is it really worth it? And does money necessarily mean that you’ll enjoy those later years?

Just listening to these older people, who have wisdom and experience through the years and went through what I will go through, really convinced me otherwise.

Anyway, those are just some of my thoughts on future careers and money. Of course, I want to be able to get a job that would allow me to provide for myself and my family. But I would also place a heavy emphasis on work enjoyment. I hope that I will be genuinely passionate about what I do. Because anything else would just not be me.

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