Thoughts on the Oscars

Missed the Oscars, as usual. But I couldn’t escape the constant coverage all over the interwebs.

Here are my thoughts on select results.

Best Picture | King’s Speech – Whoop-de-do. Big surprise here. Don’t know too much about the movie, but heard it was boring. However, I’m not one to judge without seeing things myself first, and there must be a reason for all the glowing critic reviews.

Best Actress | Natalie Portman – Well deserved. My favorite actress currently. Amazing performance as a delusional/schizophrenic ballet dancer. Her spiral into insanity is shocking and awe-inspiring at the same time.

Best Supporting Actor | Christian Bale – Another well-deserved pick. Bale was amazing as an ex-fighter drug addict brother in The Fighter. Totally transformed himself for the role, and is entirely convincing in his portrayal.

Animated Feature | Toy Story 3 – Hands down. Never has a movie induced so many tears among the 18-25 crowd as this one. Not counting those K-dramas, of course.

Closing thoughts: people need to chill about James Franco. I didn’t see any clips of his performance as host, but it seriously couldn’t have been THAT bad, right? Plus, he’s probably stressed from his Yale classes and being amazing at acting. Cut him some slack.

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