Thoughts on Spring 2011 Classes

It’s been almost two weeks since the start of spring semester, and I like what I’m seeing so far in my classes. I’ll just share some of my initial thoughts and impressions on the four I’m taking.

American Studies/UGBA C172 (Business In Its Historical Environment) – I’m taking this class as an elective for both my business and media studies majors. It’s about the history of business in an American perspective, starting from the Industrial Revolution. Apparently, we used to be pretty innovative (feels quite the opposite these days). Lectures are decently interesting, and Professor Rosen, who looks like Meg Whitman, is a decent lecturer.

UGBA 102A (Introduction to Financial Accounting) – Took me two semesters, but I finally got in. The class is very popular and pretty easy, so it’s usually filled up by the end of Phase 1 for sign-ups. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the professor, Brooks. Apart from 8 AM lectures, the class seems manageable so far and definitely very practical for the future.

English 80K (Children’s Literature) – The star of my spring schedule, this class has been wildly popular the past few semesters. The description says it all – we read children’s books and short stories, and Professor Wright talks about it during class. So far, I’ve read The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit, plus some stories from Aesop’s Fables. Lectures have been a mix of interesting and boring – Wright gets sidetracked at times. But I’m definitely looking forward to reading these books.

Sociology 5 (Evaluation of Evidence) – This class is turning out to be the dark horse favorite of spring semester. Professor Luker began her first lecture by bringing in her golden retriever, Moe, to make a point about the difference between training someone and teaching someone. She promised to teach us how to critically look at the world, and train us along the way as well. She definitely knows how to teach, and the material is a lot more interesting than the “research methods” requirement this is listed under for media studies.

That’s about it. Add in a  bicycle DeCal (waitlisted #4), and my schedule comes out to 15 units. Two lectures a day, three TOTAL discussions a week (for two classes). I’m loving my class schedule this semester.

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