Mechanical Engineering 198

This semester, I decided to challenge myself and take an engineering class. I was never a math and science guy, and I don’t see myself as an engineer any time soon.

The course load doesn’t seem too bad, though. 1 hour of lecture per week and 1 hour of field study every two weeks. And a paper at the end of the semester.

The name of the course? Bicycle Mechanics and Repair.

Yep, I guess fixing up bikes is considered Mech E, but hey, I’m not complaining.

This class is a DeCal, which means it’s student-run, pass/no-pass, and meant to teach you something without the academic pressure.

I’m looking forward to learning about basic bicycle maintenance and repair – bicycling is definitely something I enjoy, and hopefully by the end of semester, I’ll have the skill set to maintain and repair my bike as well.

I attended the first class today, and the instructors were all pretty cool. Now, I just need to get into the class – there must have been over 60 people trying to get into that 20-person class. Fingers crossed.

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