Calvin and Hobbes

A little something I wrote a while back for ABA’s Buddy Book. We were asked to write about our favorite thing, and I chose Calvin and Hobbes.

My favorite thing is the Calvin and Hobbes comic series. I grew up reading these, and I continue to read them occasionally. Nothing else matches the humor, wit, and creativity of Bill Watterson, the author of the comics.

Calvin is that kid every child growing up could relate to, who had to deal with demanding parents, evil baby-sitters, cranky teachers in the real world, and kid-hungry monsters, space invaders, ferocious dinosaurs in the imagined world.

Hobbes was that best friend only you could have, someone to share your joys and trouble with and who would always understand you. Calvin and Hobbes taught me the importance of humor in life, as well as the creativity in every child and adult.

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