Broken Laptop & Blogging Marathon

Hey all, sorry for being MIA on my blog recently. I wanted to have at least a post a day starting from New Year’s, but that hasn’t worked out too well.

Need to either find more time or not be so lazy. Or both.

I was going to post yesterday. I was actually midway through that post when my laptop slipped and the cover hit the edge of the table.

I saw the image on the screen flicker out before my eyes. After failing to get an image back up after multiple restarts, I knew that my laptop was broken.

Everything else seemed to be working fine – it was just the screen. I’m not too worried or sad, just a matter of fixing it (hopefully) over the next several days.

Definitely an inconvenience, but I’m thankful to still have a netbook that I’m able to use. And Dropbox. 😉

At this point, I want to shift over to talking about blogging. Blogging Marathon (I had wanted to call it Blog Binge) was a concept that had run through my head many times in the past. Why not dedicate a period of near-nonstop blogging?

I’m deciding to try it out for the first time tonight. Granted, I’m not going to blog nonstop, but I’m shooting to have a post up every half hour or so until I go to sleep.

Should help make up for all those missed posts, or at least some of it. Maybe one day, I’ll feel really adventurous and set aside an entire day of blogging. Another thing added to my bucket list.

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