Food Spotlight | Inn Kensington

Another four-star Yelp restaurant near Berkeley, this one  located in the small town of Kensington north of campus. Inn Kensington is a small restaurant known for its delicious breakfast and lightning-fast service.

Not even five minutes after Dow, her sister, and I had our orders taken were three plates of hot breakfast set before us. And the craziest thing is that they weren’t microwaved – the chef had cooked them fresh.

I ordered the standard breakfast with chicken apple sausage. Everything was good, from the sour-cream-smothered potatoes to the sunny-side-up eggs to the scrumptious chicken apple sausage. But the sleeper hit? Definitely the biscuits. Two freshly-made biscuits with the perfect consistency and lots of butter.

Definitely one of the top breakfast spots that I’ve tried near campus.

Sunny side up at

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