Missing School

After visiting UCI yesterday and UCLA today, I realized that I actually miss school.

Us semester kids have a little over a week before the start of spring session, and even though winter break is rapidly winding down, I wouldn’t mind ending it early and going back to Berkeley.

Come to think of it, I know why I feel this way. I miss Berkeley.

From the perfect suburban campus apartments of Irvine to the majestic buildings of Los Angeles, nothing can match Berkeley’s unique feel.

Sure, most of the apartments are dilapidated and the lecture halls old and grimy, but there’s just something about the place that makes it special.

I miss dozing off in Wheeler, biking around campus, and eating at the restaurants.

Heck, I even miss the hobos, the Priuses, and the horrid rain. Well, not really.

I guess my point is, while winter break is nice, I’ve recharged my batteries and I’m ready to start the spring anew. And what better place to do this than at Berzerkeley?

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