Tron: Legacy

I’ve seen Tron: Legacy in 3D twice now, so I’ll share some of my thoughts about the movie. In a nutshell, Tron delivers in terms of visuals and soundtrack, but falls short with their plot development.

This sequel picks up seven years after the first, with Kevin Flynn as the successful CEO of ENCOM International, a video game/software company. He tells his young son Sam of a new digital frontier that he created called The Grid, and of a mysterious miracle. Soon after, Kevin goes missing.

Fast forward twenty years, and Sam, who has grown up without a father, stumbles into the digital world and finds himself in the heat of battle against the evil forces that threaten to destroy the world.

The world of The Grid looks amazing. This is a movie that you want to watch in 3D, as opposed to 90% of “3D” movies out there. I loved the glowing blue colors, the vast landscape, the explosions, fight scenes, Light Cycle matches, etc etc. This is obviously where most of the budget went, and it shows. Props to Disney for a job well done here.

The soundtrack by Daft Punk makes the movie. Unlike other soundtracks that are scored after the movie is produced, the house duo spent several years working on this one before the movie itself.

I talked about how excited I was for the soundtrack in a previous post, and it has definitely gotten better with each listen, combining a perfect balance of orchestral instrumentation and electronica. The soundtrack matches the action on screen flawlessly.

The story itself lacked the oomph to match the visuals and soundtrack. It felt uninspired and predictable – there was nothing new or innovative over the first movie’s plot, which was revolutionary for its time. However, Jeff Bridges does a wonderful job playing three different roles at once. The other actors were decent – nothing that stood out.

This movie is a success not because of the quality of the story, but because of the name it carries and the great job they did with the visuals and sound. The second time I watched it, I appreciated the light show even more. I’m sure that most viewers will, too. 3.5/5

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