What’s Up | 12/23/10

It’s been a week since finals ended for me and my, have things changed. It’s hard to imagine going from studying 12 hours a day to sleeping in my own bed at home. Spending time with family and friends is nice, too.

This year, two international students (both family friends) are spending winter break at our place. George is a first-year computer science major at UCLA, and Michael is a third-year finance major from Arkansas. Both were originally from my parents’ hometown in China.

So the house is definitely a lot more festive. Add in a complete remodel of the kitchen, and suddenly, the Chen residence has become the life of the party.

I’ve hung out with high school and church friends plenty. My high school friends and I met up a couple times to grab lunch. We watched Tron: Legacy today and wreaked havoc at Best Buy (desktop screenshot backgrounds for the win?). Yes, we’re lame.

I spent the entire day Tuesday with my church buddies practicing for worship band in the upcoming winter conference. Practice becomes a lot more fun when you’re jamming with your friends and enjoying the music (and watching Inception during break times).

My daily schedule is still busier than I would like it to be. Going into break, I was expecting the early summer break do-nothing-but-watch-movies-and-read-all-day sort of days. And I still want to shoot for a few of those, particularly because I’ve barely started on The Idiot, and I really want to watch The Godfather. Patience is key – these days will come.

It’s almost Christmas! Today marks the first sunny day in SoCal in a long time, and I’ll be enjoying the beautiful skies as I do some last-minute (read: just started) Christmas shopping and introduce the wonders of In N Out to Michael, who has not yet experienced bliss.

The next couple days should be fairly relaxing. I plan to continue to catch up on sleep, and I’m looking forward to Christmas, my church’s winter conference from December 26-28, and New Year’s. Break will only get better from here.

Winter wonderland at randomtidbitsofthought.wordpress.com.

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