Food Spotlight | Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen

What? Good old food from down South, right here in Berkeley? Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen is a gem, hidden among the multitude of shops and restaurants on Shattuck Avenue in downtown Berkeley.

Upon entering, you immediately notice the sounds of Dixieland jazz and a distinctly Southern decor. The servers are all extremely nice, eager to share some Southern hospitality. You feel right at home.

What about the food? Top notch. Flavorful. Delicious. I ordered their Creole Shrimp, and my friend Ruth ordered the Voodoo Shrimp. The food came pretty quickly, and the Creole shrimp was juicy, spicy, and cooked just right.

I was impressed by what the restaurant had to offer, and even though the food is a bit pricier than the typical food at Berkeley, it’s worth the extra money. I’ll be going back again very soon.

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