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In the perpetual UCLA vs. UC Berkeley which-school-is-better debate, food comes up pretty often. UCLA kids will brag about their amazing dorm food and about places such as Diddy Riese (which is delicious, by the way).

Well, other than Ici, Fenton’s Creamery, and John’s, us Berkeley kids now have a legitimate answer to Diddy Riese’s ice cream goodness.

Introducing Cream, aka “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me.” Located where the old Beard Papa’s used to be on Telegraph and Channing Ave, this dessert stop has seen huge lines in the two weeks since it has opened.

The concept is simple: take two freshly baked cookies and add in a scoop of your favorite ice cream, all for $1.50. It’s a winning combination, and I see good things in store for Cream in the future.

I decided to stop by after one of my finals, and tried their coffee ice cream with two warm white chocolate macadamia cookies. Even though it was raining outside, my mood was bright as I enjoyed every last bite.

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