Yesterday was my 20th birthday. I know, I’m old, relatively speaking, that is. Having a birthday during the second week of December was never a big deal for me, until college. When it’s the midst of Dead Week, and you’re stressed studying for finals, your birthday just seems a lot less exciting.

Well, yesterday was a productive day, but I also took the time to relax and enjoy my birthday, which is a huge improvement over the Stats hell I went through last year during this time.

At midnight, my roommates surprised me by waking me up from one of my late-night power naps for some chocolate cake. Apparently, Jay had turned off my alarm to make sure I didn’t wake up before midnight. Real sly.

That morning, I woke up…and was promptly kidnapped. My Officer group blindfolded me, and I walked in my shorts and flip-flops (it was pretty cold) down to Ann’s Kitchen on Telegraph for a warm brunch with them. First time there…the omelet and potatoes were definitely good. Thanks, guys!

Back home, I studied for a couple hours, then had lunch with my Clark Kerr roommates from last year. We had planned a mini-reunion, so of course we had to have it at our favorite food spot, Bakesale Betty. The chicken sandwich never tasted better, and my roommates even got me birthday cookies and apple pie.

After eating and catching up with them (can’t believe it’s been a semester already!), I went home, studied a bit, and tried in vain to start on my 12 page paper for Development Studies, due the next day.

By dinnertime, I was craving sushi, of all things, so the roommates and I decided to make a trip down Dwight to Joshu-ya Sushi, where I had a Lucky Danny Roll (mmm) and fried ice cream (double mmm).

I don’t know if food comas can roll-over (remember those Cingular ads?), but I could have definitely gone to bed right after dinner feeling full and happy.

It didn’t work out that way, because I had a 12 page paper to start on, 1.5 spacing and 11 point font. Let’s just say that I finished it at 4:10 PM today, 50 minutes before deadline.

Still, a measly paper couldn’t spoil all the birthday wishes and fun I had. I’m truly appreciative of my friends – what would I do without them?

I’ve been on Earth for two decades now (a score, according to Lincoln), and in the end, the most important things to me are God, family, and friends. No matter what I do, where I go, how much money I make, etc etc, I want to live life knowing that I’m there for the people who are important in my life, because I know they’ll be there for me. Oh, and having good food to eat wouldn’t hurt, either. That’s my little birthday speech for you all.

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