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Double Food Spotlight?? What does it mean?!!

That’s right, folks, a two-fer, because I actually tried out some different places this week. Desi Dog is a hot dog stand I’ve been wanting to try since last year.

Seemingly, the only hot dog place at Berkeley is Top Dog. But yesterday, I found a worthy competitor in Desi. The stand is located in a nice trailer parked right in front of Sproul Plaza on Bancroft and Telegraph.

The 1/4-lb Polish dog I ordered came with grilled onions and peppers – which they include free of charge in all their hot dogs – and some fries and a drink. All for $4.50, which is very impressive by Berkeley standards.

The guy who took and cooked my order was super nice, and he seemed genuinely happy to be trapped in a claustrophobic vehicle. Which definitely cheered me up.

The Polish dog was amazing – oily, tasty, the perfect combo for a hot dog done right. The fries were slightly soggy, but I’m sure ordering chili and cheese on it next time would fix that minor complaint. Oh, and you can also order chili and cheese on your hot dog.

Best of all, rumor has it that a 1/4 hot dog during happy hour is $2.00, and it’s probably 50% bigger than a Top Dog hot dog. I’d research when this happy hour is if I were you.

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