What’s Up | 11/21/10

It’s been nearly two months since my last What’s Up post. So many things have happened the past sixty days, and everything’s happened so fast. It’s hard to believe that time can pass so quickly.

It wasn’t an easy ride. Fall just feels a lot more fast-paced and hardcore than spring. School, clubs, work. Things to do every hour of the day.

Classes have been decent, not great. I pass/no-passed Development Studies, which has been largely a letdown, something I didn’t expect going into the class. The professor is passionate, but the material is just beyond me, too theoretical, and too in-depth.

Econ 1 has been same-old same-old. Delong, problem sets, midterms. Poli Sci has been okay. My favorite class this semester would have to be ugba 105. The material is still interesting, and the professor hasn’t failed to disappoint. Most of the stuff I learn in this class is practical and very applicable to many situations in life, not just in business.

I realized that I took English classes for granted. I really miss them. It may sound unbelievable, but I actually miss writing analytical essays on literature. It’s something that I’m good at, and if the material is good, something that I enjoy.

That’s something I hope to fix next semester with Children’s Literature. Reading books from your childhood and writing essays about them. Pretty cool.

Which brings me to my next point. I’ve had Phase 1 and Phase 2 Telebears, so I’m theoretically supposed to have next semester’s classes down. Problem is, I’m officially enrolled in two classes and waitlisted for three.

I’m looking to take 15 units, and classes I signed up for include Children’s Lit and Sociology 5 (Evaluation of Evidence – Media Studies prereq). I’m waitlisted for ugba 102a (Intro to Accounting), ugba 107 (Business Ethics), and American Studies C172 (Cultural History of Business).

Definitely a lot more business courses, and I should be finished with both my majors’ prereqs by next semester.

Work at The Daily Cal has been going pretty well. I have several contract clients, so at least I’m getting a steady stream of commission sales in addition to my base pay. Plus, we finally got new computers at work last week. They’re lightning-fast, with Windows 7 Professional installed. Will be looking forward to work.

ABA Fall 2010 has ended. We had our end of semester banquet Friday night, and it was an apt ending to a busy but ultimately rewarding semester. Compared to last semester, I felt I learned so much more this time around. Being Professional Chair was lots of work and dedication, and I’m happy overall with the outcome.

Our events have had great turnout, our Committee kids have been wonderful, and it was great meeting so many new members this semester. I’ll be working hard in preparation from next semester as External VP. We have a lot on our plate, but I’m confident that my Officer group and I will do a great job.

It’s almost Thanksgiving. I miss my family dearly, and at this point of the year, I’m really looking forward to going home and just relaxing with family and friends. I’ll be driving back to SoCal this coming week for Thanksgiving break. Can’t wait.

Before that, I have three more days to finish up some big projects and continue to work on Haas applications. Finals are rapidly approaching, and it’s hard to believe, but I actually think that finals season will be a lot more chill. We have an entire week (Dead Week) to study, and I plan to also use the time to catch up with friends and exercise.

Hmm…that’s about it for now. I don’t know when I’ll next update, but I hope that I finish the semester strong.

Turkey soon at randomtidbitsofthought.wordpress.com.

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