Food Spotlight | Genova Delicatessen

It’s always great to try new food places with fellow food lovers. Last week, I Cab-Alumed with Vera and we decided to check out Genova Delicatessen, a four-and-a-half star rated restaurant on Yelp.

Located down Telegraph Ave in Oakland, right across the street from the famed Bakesale Betty, Genova Delicatessen is an Italian deli sandwich shop.

You enter, take a numbered ticket, wait for your turn, and order your choice of meat, bread, cheese, and condiments for a delicious deli sandwich.

I ordered a pastrami sandwich with jack cheese and everything on top. I wasn’t expecting too much (it is a deli sandwich, after all), but it was surprisingly very good.

Fresh ingredients, great-tasting pastrami, and crunchy bread. What a great lunch.

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