Food Spotlight | Coriya Hot Pot City

99 Ranch is a frequent destination for UC Berkeley students, due to its Asian groceries and good food. Coriya Hot Pot City is one of the restaurants located in the plaza.

Christina, Jay, Felicia, Kevin, and I decided to try the place out after hearing some good reviews from friends.

All-you-can-eat lunch for $11.99 is quite a deal, considering you get a huge variety of meat (beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, shrimp, you name it) and even make-it-yourself boba milk tea. Awesome.

I focused on cooking the meat – my favorites were the marinated pork and the beef slices. Cooked in butter. Mmm. I also had some veggies to balance out the meat, as well as rice and egg noodles.

Overall, I had a very satisfying lunch, and I would definitely go back with a group in the future.

99 Ranch. Not the other way around at

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