Veteran’s Day marks the first holiday since Labor Day. A well-deserved and needed break. I had a wonderful Veteran’s Day holiday. It was just nice to finally take a breather and relax.

I woke up relatively late, around 10:30 am. I “took a walk” to the Berkeley Hills, at a place called Grizzly Peak. The view was spectacular, the air was fresh, and I enjoyed an unadulterated view of the Bay.

Feeling good, I returned back to my apartment, where I got a text from my big Justin asking if I wanted to go rock climbing at Bridges Rock Gym in El Cerrito.

I had climbed there once for an ABA event, and it was lots of fun, so I said why not. This time around, I decided to challenge myself more by following the paths that were set out.

Let me explain. At Bridges, there’s colored tape beneath each rock hold. You’re supposed to follow the same-colored holds all the way to the top, which makes it a lot tougher and more interesting to see the crazy paths they set out.

After a couple hours, I was exhausted and my fingers and arms felt like spaghetti. I had a lot of fun, though, and I have a feeling I’ll be back there in the near future.

We went back to Berkeley and grabbed lunch at Milanese Caffe. I’d been there before, but Justin recommended the Chicken Caesar Wrap. It’s basically a chicken Caesar salad wrapped in a tortilla, and it didn’t disappoint.

I went back home and took an amazing nap, the kind of nap where you set an alarm and you turn it off repeatedly because you know that there’s nothing to rush to. My twenty minute power nap stretched to an hour, unheard of in Glen’s world.

After my nap, Jay, James, and I decided to have a little roommate bonding and went to the Cheeseboard for some delicious gourmet pizza.

This time, the pizza was topped with potatoes, which seems an odd combination, but actually worked. Enjoying the pizza and the blues/country music from the live band was quite an experience.

After dinner, we stopped by Yogurtland. They had Red Velvet Cupcake Batter, my favorite! I went all out and even got cookie dough bites, white chocolate chips, and sprinkles.

Wow. What a great day. Not even an essay that kept me up until 5:30am following my dinner could spoil Veteran’s Day. I relaxed, had fun, ate lots of good food, and spent time with friends.

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