Glass Half _______

Wow. I haven’t done one of these in a while. How have I been? Pretty good, pretty good. I’m an optimist.

I remember several weeks ago my pastor talked about being optimistic in seemingly difficult situations. Of course, he brought up the classic glass half empty/half full scenario.

Why focus on the empty space, on what’s not there?

Those words really reflected my own thoughts on life, and they are important words that can be applied to many a situation.

If things go awry, why focus on the emptiness? It’s not going to fix things.

I believe that focusing on what’s there and devising ways to fix the problem is the best and most effective way to go about.

By focusing on what’s there, you’ll know how much you need to pour in to fill the cup.

Just some thoughts. I was originally going to do a What’s Up post, but this should suffice and I’m changing the title to Glass Half ______. During tough times, I challenge you to put the right word in that blank. I know what I’ll be choosing.

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