I need to blog. I just need to. Those are the words running across my mind at the moment. I’ve had a tough day. And looking at the weather forecasts, I can see that Berkeley winter is fast approaching.

For those of you new to the area or in perpetually-sunny LA, you have no idea how bad it gets here in the winter. For you hardcore Canadians and East Coasters, psshht. I know. We’re sissies.

Starting in November, Berkeley starts  to rain. A lot. And it gets cold – the kind of cold that sends chills through your body, even though you’re wrapped in multiple layers.

As a SoCalian born and bred, I came into Cal with sweatshirts as my winter gear. I quickly fixed that mistake. Forty-degree weather with torrential downpour to top it off is not fun.

And the worst thing is that you don’t get to see the sun for days on end. It gets pretty dreary up here as winter hits. Finals week during fall semester last year was probably the most depressing time of my college career.

But winter also signals some things to look forward to. For one, there’s a series of breaks – Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, and finally, winter break. I get to relax and spend time back home in sunny SoCal with family and friends.

So I will make that a motivating factor to finish my sophomore fall semester strong. Never mind the things that try to pull me back. I’ll be looking forward to the sun.

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