ILC. Recently, the Student Homecoming Team came up with an acronym for “I Love Cal,” to the likes of FML or GMH. They encouraged students to write a blurb about why they loved Cal, ending it in ILC.

Well, Homecoming has come and gone, but as I was biking back from campus tonight (library sesh), it was dark and chilly. I looked up at Sproul Hall and was amazed by the ghostly sight of a magnificent, fog-covered building.

I continued on and reached a four way intersection between VLSB, Memorial Glade, Dwinelle, and the Campanile. I looked to my right, and saw the Campanile clock tower, solitary and lit up, floating with the fog.

I biked toward that direction, and soon, I was looking up at the awe-inspiring tower. The fog magnified the Campanile, distorting the lights and casting an eerie, otherworldly glow.

It was a beautiful sight, and I realized that only at Cal could I be consistently amazed by seemingly mundane objects.

The emotion and logic behind this is hard to pinpoint, but it must be linked to an image in my head of what Cal has done for me, the awesome experiences, people, and events.

Only at Cal am I challenged to the limit, where I can learn and at the same time develop as a responsible human being. And that’s part of the reason why Cal is just awesome to me. ILC.

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