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As a kid, I remember that my parents were pretty frugal. I wasn’t spoiled very much in terms of typical childhood must-haves, such as video games, toys, or whatever was popular at the moment.

However, my parents were very, very big on traveling, and they saved up money just for the occasion. Traveling is what we did every summer and winter for as long as I can remember.

I’ve been to western Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, Alaska, and Tibet, to name a few of the more memorable and obscure places. I’ve also traveled domestically, stopping by at least 17 states at one point or the other.

However, I’ve recently decided that one day in the future, I will road trip through the United States. I’ve never been to the more central and southern states, and I feel that these places will be interesting and worlds apart from California.

I’m always open to learning new things, and at this point for me, the United States states is the final frontier. Unless, of course, you count Australia. Or Africa. Or South America. But those are different stories. Maybe one day.

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  1. October 19, 2010

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