Food Spotlight | D’Yar

There’s quite an offering of Mediterranean food at Berkeley. I don’t usually notice them when I walk around, but when I think back, several pop into my mind.

D’yar is one of them, and it’s a newer discovery. Which is funny because it is practically next to the famed Asian Ghetto. I ordered their Chicken Shawarma Plate with rice. They gave me fries instead of rice by accident (it’s the other option), but when I told them about it, the people there gave me a free plate of rice.

How was the food itself? Delicious. Meaty. Tender. I was a happy camper. And rumor has it that they run ads in The Daily Cal every once in a while. $4.99 for Falafel wrap plus a drink. 😉

Salivating for Shawarma at

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