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We shared our childhood dream jobs during small group tonight for IV. I thought it’d be an interesting quick topic for my blog. I’ll list them in chronological order, and I’m going to estimate when I wanted each “dream” job.

My first dream job was being a cashier at a grocery store. Not a very aspirational job, but hey, I was probably four, and the cash register just seemed so fun. Plus, there was money, lots of money, involved.

Next, I wanted to be a fire fighter. I’m sure everyone had this stage in preschool or kindergarten. It just looked so cool, plus, you get to be the hero. And there was fire involved. Kid pyromaniacs for the win.

Soon after my fire fighter phase, I decided I was going to be a fighter pilot. This was around the early elementary school years. I think watching the movie Top Gun had a lot to do with this decision.

And finally, I wanted to be an NBA star. The first Asian-American NBA star, to be exact. Then Wang ZhiZhi and Yao Ming dashed my hopes. Being under five three in sixth grade didn’t help much, either.

And now I want to be a businessman. Go figure.

So what were some of your childhood dream jobs? I heard some pretty interesting ones today.

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